Gwarancja jakości, sonda pomiarowa i pomiar paliwa z patentem – System CarFox
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We have been trusted by:

Quality assurance

Producer’s assurance

While other companies often have subcontractors carry out the installation, the installations in our company are done by our employees only. They are usually people with years of appropriate experience.

Our measurement devices are built using components made by reputed companies.

As the manufacturer of the device, the developer of the software, and the owner of the patented technology we are fully responsible for the entire product.

The patent granted by the Polish Patent Office.

The patent for the measurement probe and the method of measuring fuel no. 190998

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Certificates of compliance with the Polish norms issued by the Automotive Industry Institute in Warsaw.

No. BLE.069.03B for the recorder

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No. BLE.079.03C for the measurement probe

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