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Benefits and functionality

CarFox was designed so that it would meet certain needs and provide our clients with notable benefits. All its functionalities were devised with the purpose of fulfilling that task.

You save twice thanks to CarFox - it not only allows you to monitor the exploitation of your fleet and the use of fuel in your company, but it also makes it possible to make a better use of time – both yours and your employees’.

Check out the components of our patent for economizing:

Accurate calculation of the use of fuel

Thanks to the patented fuel probe, CarFox is one of the market’s most precise systems monitoring the use of fuel.

  • Refueling and discounts monitoring
  • Constant overview of the level of fuel (on the road and during breaks)
  • Calculation of the average use of fuel
  • Basis for invoice verification
Unique measurement precision

Our technology offers unique stability of results – with fuel of different quality, in adverse weather conditions, on the road, when the fuel is constantly moving. The high accuracy of the measurement is also achieved thanks to full calibration of the fuel tanks, which we do during the installation.

  • Highest stability of measurement thanks to patented solutions
  • Components that ensure resistance to acids, oils and media
  • Resistance to shaking, vibration, and mechanical tremors
  • Results independent of the changes in temperature and the empirical formula of the liquid (amount of water, organic reagents etc.)
  • Programmable, high frequency of the measurement
  • Coded transmission of the data to the recorder

GPS tracking

The GPS antenna is installed on the vehicle’s roof. Thanks to that even during adverse weather conditions and when the signal is muffled the vehicles monitored by our system remain clearly visible. It ensures:

  • Constant monitoring of the vehicle’s location
  • Marking the refueling spots
  • Quick response (GPS SIRF-III module)
  • Tracking accuracy
  • Verification of the time the drivers work and of the distance covered
  • Optimizing the routes
  • Increased safety of the cargo, the vehicle, and the driver
lokalizator GPS

Functional, user-friendly digital map

CarFox system is integrated with the map resources of Emapa Transport+. That is how we achieve the high quality presentation of resources. Some of the systems features are:

  • All European countries included
  • Maps of over 300 cities in Poland and 3000 in Europe
  • Geocoding – the possibility to create your own set of markers, e.g. database of clients and recipients
  • Extended number of locations, e.g. bank, post office, customs office
  • Programmable frequency of monitoring – both on the move and during breaks

Clearly visible exploitation of the vehicle

CarFox records a number of parameters related to the work of your means of transport.

That provides you with a full view of how your vehicle is used.

  • Analysis of the run-time of the engine, the vehicle’s exploitation, the engine rotations, the speed
  • Economical use of engines
  • Record of exceeding speed limits
  • Record of exceeding the economical engine rotations
  • Full simultaneous monitoring of multiple additional conditions such as the functioning of the electrical pomp, webasto, elevator etc.

Complete data even without the GSM transmission

The recorder is capable of storing data when for some reason the GSM transmission is unavailable. The data may be stored for up to six months. That is why the data remains complete when we read them after the break in the access to the GSM network signal. We may also transmit the data offline.

The durability of the installation

Our measurement devices are built using electronic components from reputed companies. The repeated testing of the components as well as the professional installation make it possible for the equipment to be used with no loss in precision for 10 years.

The resistance to weather conditions, vibrations, and toxic environment allow the system to be used in nearly all circumstances.