Sprzęt kontrolny, pomiarowy – transport samochodowy, zarządzanie flotą – System CarFox
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About the company

CarFox system is an original product

of SATNET company, manufacturer of electronic devices,

present on the market since 1996.

At the beginning SATNET dealt in satellite technologies

but since 2000 we have focused mainly on high-tech monitoring and measurement

devices for car transportation.

The task we have set for ourselves was clear: to make

fuel control devices that would meet

the requirements of transport companies.

We have been granted a patent for a method of measuring fuel in dynamic conditions and for a fuel probe.

With co-funding from the European Union we have managed to obtain positive results in the examination controlling the compliance

with the norms for measurement and recording devices.

As a result we have come up with a state-of-the-art fuel control system designed for domestic and foreign markets.

We make our own products, which means that we are fully responsible for the different stages of their manufacture: the design, the production, and the implementation. Our utmost care at every stage of the process ensures the reliability of the final product. Highest possible quality of the measurement is due to the use of cutting edge components produced by the market leaders in the field of electronics.

So far we have been trusted by over 140 companies, all of which have thought highly of our services.